Foo Fighters Claim Mischievous Ghost Haunted New Album Recording Sessions

Dave Grohl of the legendary rock band the Foo Fighters claims that a trouble-making ghost kept disrupting the group's work as they were recording their most recent album. The weird account came via an interview the rock star did with the website NME in which he revealed that the eerie series of events occurred at 1940s home in the city of Encino, California which had been converted to a recording studio. Grohl mused that upon entering the former residence he knew "the vibes were definitely off," but the band's work was also particularly sharp at the location.

Forging ahead with their recording of the new album, Grohl says the band began to notice that the guitars would become inexplicably detuned overnight and that settings on the mixing board would be changed for no apparent reason. Even more unsettling, he told the website, was that they discovered that tracks they had previously recorded had been replaced with "weird open mic noises. Nobody playing an instrument or anything like that, just an open mic recording a room."

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