Video: 'Angelic' Weather Phenomenon Photographed in England

A man walking atop a tall hill in England was amazed when he noticed that the weather conditions had given rise to an eerie phenomenon in which it appears that an angelic figure is floating in the sky. Lee Howdle reportedly saw the wondrous sight last Friday during a visit to a location known as Mam Tor. As he reached the pinnacle of the nearly 1,700-foot mound, he looked down and spotted something truly breathtaking in the clouds below him.

"My shadow looked huge. It was in this circular rainbow," he recalled, "it was like an angel in the sky over the hills." Howdle immediately recognized that he was witnessing a relatively rare meteorological phenomenon called 'Brocken Spectre.' This effect occurs when one stands at a high location with the sun behind them and clouds beneath them so that their shadow appears both significantly larger and with a colorful halo, known as a 'glory,' around it.

Find out more on this story and see a video showing some of the amazing photos of the phenomenon taken by Howdle at the Coast to Coast AM website.