This Week's Weird News

A potentially haunted Elsa doll, a mystery boom that rocked Houston, and a man who wants to have a sword fight to settle a legal dispute with his ex-wife were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

The baffling mystery boom phenomenon was back in the news in a big way this past week when residents throughout the Houston metropolitan area reporting hearing a massive blast that shook houses and prompted numerous calls to police. As is often the case with confounding sounds, the source of the boom has yet to be identified. While it remains to be seen if the Houston event will ever be solved, we did get an answer this week to a different mystery as police in Wales shared their findings on a curious incident from back in December in which hundreds of birds seemingly fell to the ground and died.

A pair of creepy tales involving possibly haunted objects popped up in the news this week and both accounts were rather bizarre. First, a woman in Singapore shared the story of being given an unnerving-looking mannequin head which, she claimed, unleashed paranormal activity in the home of her mother-in-law. Meanwhile, a Houston family spawned headlines and a slew of 'Let It Go' jokes thanks to their story of being haunted by an Elsa doll that kept inexplicably reappearing at their home after they repeatedly tried to throw it away.

By far the most bizarre story of the past week centered around a contentious legal battle in Kansas wherein a man filed a motion to have the case against his ex-wife settled via a sword fight. Noting that "trial by combat" is not legally prohibited in the United States, David Ostrom suggested a literal duel between himself and his former paramour's lawyer. As one can imagine, this idea did not sit very well with his proposed opponent, who responded with his own filing which argued that a financial dispute should probably not be settled by a battle to the death.

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