Skeptical Scientists Squash Entomologist's 'Bugs on Mars' Theory

An entomologist's tantalizing new theory that there are bugs on Mars has been met with skepticism from scientists. Dr. William Romoser of Ohio University sparked headlines earlier this week when he unveiled research which, he believes, indicates that there is evidence for insects, both living and fossilized, having been inadvertently photographed by the Mars Rovers. While it would seem that his stature as an accomplished academic and expert afforded him more consideration than online anomaly hunters who have made similar possible discoveries, the response from scientists was largely the same.

A biologist from Oregon State University who studies beetles suggested to that Romoser's perceived insects were likely the result of pareidolia. David Maddison specifically noted that when one focuses on a specific shape as part of their work, such as insects, that subject can sometimes inadvertently 'appear' where they do not exist. As such, he concluded that "I do not think there are insects on Mars" and, instead, argued that "it is vastly more parsimonious to presume the blobs are simply rocks."

More on scientists' reaction to Romoser's work at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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