Driver Spots Sasquatch Crossing the Road in North Carolina?

A normally routine trip to the post office turned into an unforgettable experience for a woman in North Carolina who says that she spotted a Bigfoot crossing the road during her drive. The bizarre sighting took place in the town of Littleton last Friday evening as Eboni Byrd was on her way out to mail some packages. Reaching an intersection, she brought her car to rest at a stop sign and, much to her profound surprise, noticed what she believes was a Sasquatch up ahead of her vehicle.

Recounting the sighting to cryptozoologist Stephen Barcelo, Byrd marveled that "it was like a big, broad-shouldered thing. It stood upright like a human and his arms went down past his knees and it was walking ape-like." Continuing onward to her destination, because the post office was going to close soon, the bewildered witness couldn't help but wonder what she had just seen. "As soon as I turned the corner, I was like 'wait a minute, that was Bigfoot,'" she recalled, "it was not a human."

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