Odd Cloud Formation Filmed in Florida

An odd video circulating online shows a strange cloud formation that has left many bewildered observers scratching their heads. The footage was reportedly filmed last week in Florida by an individual going by the name of 'Grey Garcia' and subsequently wound up being posted on a popular YouTube channel devoted to anomalous videos. Unfortunately, aside from that bit of background information, no other details about the video are available.

Be that as it may, the footage is rather interesting as it shows several evenly spaced stick-like clouds stretching in a long line across the sky. Dubbed a 'stairway to heaven' by some, the origin and nature of the weird formation is unknown. While it may simply be a natural meteorological phenomenon, one online viewer offered the intriguing suggestion that perhaps the series of clouds are the remnants of a skywriting message that was slowly fading away.

Check out the puzzling video at the Coast to Coast AM website.