Russian Space Agency Refuses to Reveal Source of ISS Mystery Hole

In a weird update to an already strange story, the head of the Russian space agency reportedly announced that they now know what caused a mysterious hole that was found in a Soyuz capsule attached to the ISS last summer, but they are refusing to tell anyone their findings. The two-millimeter-in-diameter bit of damage was discovered in late August of 2018 when a drop in cabin pressure aboard the ISS was traced back to the inexplicable opening which was subsequently patched with various adhesives by the space station crew.

Although the hole was sealed, the question of what created it was very much still open and spawned a number of different theories. The possibility that it was formed as the result of a tiny, but fast-moving space rock was considered and rejected when it was found that the hole was created from the inside of the capsule. This led to some worrisome speculation that the damage could have been done intentionally with one wild rumor circulating in Russia that the American astronauts aboard the ISS made the hole in an effort to force a return to Earth since one of their colleagues had gotten sick.

More on this very odd story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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