Bizarre 'Worm Monster' Filmed in Brazil

A routine walk to the grocery store turned into an unforgettable experience for a Brazilian woman when she stumbled upon an unsettling mass of worms moving around on the pavement. Tori Silveira was reportedly on her way to do some shopping in the city of Santa Catarina when the weird encounter occurred. Astonished by the bizarre sight, she looked closer and saw that actually consisted of "hundreds of long, black worm-like bugs with tiny legs crawling on top of each other."

Silveira captured some footage of the creepy-crawly curiosity at her feet and, in the nightmarish video, the collection of worms undulates on the pavement as it slows 'shuffles' along the sidewalk. As to what it might be, Silveira said that she is mystified, because the insects in the mass were "little bugs that I had never seen before around here." Meanwhile, some clever viewers online have noted that the oddity bears a striking resemblance a piece of the 'Mind Flayer' monster from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Fortunately, it turns out that Silveira did not run into a sinister creature from the Upside Down. Find out what entomologists say the strange mass probably was as the Coast to Coast AM website.

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