Richard Branson on UFOs Being Aliens Visiting Earth: 'Extremely Unlikely'

While Richard Branson may envision someday sailing to the stars via his private space company Virgin Galactic, the British billionaire apparently doesn't expect to encounter any aliens along the way. In a recent conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, the colorful business magnate was asked about the UFO phenomenon in light of the considerable attention that the enigma has received from the mainstream media over the last few months. Unfortunately for UFO enthusiasts, Branson wasn't buying into the idea that there are craft piloted by extraterrestrials visiting our world, calling such a scenario "extremely unlikely."

Regarding UFO sightings, he argued that "when you look closely you'll find that there's another explanation for all of them, in the same way that in the Bermuda Triangle there's another explanation for all the mysteries" surrounding that infamous spot. Branson went on to concede that there are likely to be "millions of other civilizations out there, but none of them are within reach of Earth." The billionaire's position on the subject echoes that of a number of skeptics who have long declared that aliens visiting our planet is doubtful due to the vast distances of space.

Find out more of the billionaire's thoughts on the UFO phenomenon at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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