Ahead of Blockbuster Auction, NASA Refutes Claims of 'Lost' Apollo 11 Tapes

In response to an impending auction of what are being called 'lost' Apollo 11 tapes featuring the first moonwalk, NASA says that the material is not actually as precious as it is being portrayed.The strange dispute began a few weeks ago when it was announced that a former intern from the space agency planned to sell three videotape recordings from the famed moon mission which he managed to purchase for a mere $217 at a government surplus auction in 1976.

The prospect that the materials could contain heretofore unseen footage from the historic moon landing, the timing of the sale, which is to be held next Saturday on the 50th anniversary of the iconic event, and the seven-figure price that the tapes are expected to fetch at auction created something of a perfect storm and sparked headlines around the world. The furor surrounding the mysterious footage eventually grew to the point that NASA has been forced to issue a statement concerning the 'lost' tapes in an attempt to set the record straight.

Head over to the Coast to Coast AM website to find out why the space agency says not to believe the hype.

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