This Week's Weird News

A number of new creature sightings, a baby T. Rex for sale, and a man who is headed to prison for a weird incident involving 'alien lasers' were among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this week.

The scientific community was dealt a pair of disappointing blows this week in the form of two stories dealing with what might best be described as modern society's disregard for our distant past. Paleontologists were aghast when they discovered that the owner of an incredibly rare set of baby T. Rex remains had decided to put his find up for auction on eBay for a whopping 3 million dollars. Meanwhile, workers at a world-renowned ancient stone circle in Scotland were dismayed to find that some miscreant visiting the site had decided to leave behind a calling card via graffiti scratched into the country's beloved Ring of Brogdar.

Curious creature sightings and cases made a considerable impact on the news this week by way of three stories featuring some iconic cryptozoological beasties. First, a family in Britain reported an encounter with one of the mysterious big cats that have been making headlines since the start of the month. Following that, a farmer in Mexico lost a whopping 71 of his animals to a nocturnal predator that he suspects could be the chupacabra. And, finally, a man driving near Loch Ness managed to catch sight of a weird anomaly in the water which, he contends, may have been Nessie.

By far the strangest story of the week concerned a man in Pennsylvania who was sentenced to six years in prison for firing a gun at what he believed to be 'alien lasers,' but were actually just fireflies. Jesse Shields told police that he had been forced to take action when he and his girlfriend saw some strange flickering lights in the sky and their truck allegedly began shaking. No doubt thinking that the couple was about to be abducted by aliens, the frightened man fired off a 'warning shot' to the ETs. As one can imagine, police did not believe his fantastic claims and wound up charging him with a number of crimes related to the misadventure.

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