This Week's Weird News

Potential breakthroughs in both the Amelia Earhart and Jack the Ripper mysteries, what may be the next big misadventure for Flat Earth fans, and a leprechaun-like entity terrorizing a family in Trinidad were among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this week.

The world of Flat Earth fandom made headlines again this week when a number of prominent advocates for the controversial concept advanced a rather audacious idea. The best way to 'settle the debate' once and for all, they argued, would be to journey to Antarctica to "find the edge." Their argument is that the shore of Antarctica is really quite expansive and not as small as mainstream science says, so a 'proper' measurement would upend all conventional thinking about the shape of the planet. The only problem, of course, is that they'd have to journey to the icy continent themselves to actually prove it. And so, for now, the proposal is merely hypothetical, but we're hoping that someone will find a way to make it happen.

A pair of classic mysteries popped up in the news again this week with promising developments which suggested that we just might finally get some answers to these baffling cases. First, an expedition looking for Amelia Earhart's downed plane took an unexpected turn when a local government near the suspected site of the wreck canceled an impending dive there and demanded answers about human remains said to have been found in the submerged aircraft. Then, a team of researchers in England announced that they had managed to extract DNA from a blood-soaked shawl found at one of the Jack the Ripper crime scenes and actually connected it to a living descendant of one of the key suspects in the slayings.

Perhaps the most bizarre story of the week emerged out of Trinidad and involved a family who claims that they are being tormented by a leprechaun-like entity known in Caribbean folklore as a 'buck.' This sinister creature, which can allegedly materialize and disappear at will, has reportedly been murdering their livestock, stealing religious objects from their home, and generally being a noisy nuisance that has prevented the family from getting a good night's sleep for months. Sadly, attempts to eradicate the entity using magical means have proven futile and a local pastor has advised the family to simply ignore the creature, which we're guessing is a lot easier said than done.

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