This Week's Weird News

The revival of ancient woolly mammoth cells, an unsettling rise in technology-based conspiracy theories, and a Florida family plagued by a ghost in their new home were among the weird and wild stories to pop up on our radar this past week.

As anyone who grew up watching The Jetsons may recall, the future was supposed to be replete with flying cars and revived woolly mammoths. Although we're still waiting on the former fantastic development to come to fruition, it would appear that there may be a breakthrough on the horizon when it comes to bringing back the famed furry pachyderms of ancient times. That's because a team of scientists in Japan announced this week that they managed to 'wake up' 28,000-year-old woolly mammoth cells by injecting them into mouse ova. While researchers indicated that the experiment was merely the first step of what will likely be a long scientific process, the results were undoubtedly promising.

The results of an intriguing new survey released this week in the UK found that a surprising number of technology-based conspiracies have captured the imagination of Britons over the last few years. Among the concerns shared by respondents were that Google was spying on people, genetic genealogy companies are in cahoots with the government to surreptitiously collect DNA information of the public, and that sleeping next to a cell phone could have a hazardous impact on one's health. One individual who may beg to differ with that idea is a lucky Australian man who managed to thwart an attacker that had show an arrow at him by stopping the projectile with his cell phone.

In what one imagines must be a truly maddening scenario, a family in Florida popped up in the news this week lamenting that their new home was haunted and the entity residing there had torn their lives asunder. According to the beleaguered family's account of the situation, the sinister spirit first started harassing them with disembodied sounds and moving objects, but soon moved on to full-fledged physical attacks. Alas, an intervention from a paranormal investigator did little to assuage their fears as he declared that the home was infested with a supernatural force that apparently had no interest in leaving anytime soon.

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