15th Canadian 'Mystery Foot' Found

Authorities in Canada are calling on the public for help in solving the case of yet another mysterious foot that washed ashore in British Columbia. The latest disarticulated limb was reportedly found back in September, but is only being revealed to the public now that investigators have reached a dead end in their attempt to track down its owner. For those keeping score at home, it marks the 15th mystery foot to be found in the area since 2007.

In this particular instance, the BC Coroners Service provided a pretty detailed look at the foot that has stumped investigators. According to a spokesperson for the agency, it was found in a size nine-and-a-half Nike running shoe that they were able to establish was manufactured for only a few months in early 2017. They also determined that the person who once possessed the foot was likely under the age of 50. Alas, however, DNA taken from the limb did not yield any matches in a database of missing persons.

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