Ghost Forces Woman to Flee Her Home

A woman in England claims that she's been forced to flee her home and stay in a motel in order to escape a ghost that has been tormenting her for years. According to a local media report, self-proclaimed psychic medium Emily Sparks believes that she has become the target of a vengeful spirit seemingly belonging to a woman named Joyce who had died in her apartment a few years prior to her arriving there. The beleaguered senior citizen first encountered the ghost in 2013 when a diminutive apparition "wearing a mustard cardigan with a tweed skirt" appeared before her very eyes.

Sparks says that the haunting was initially more of an annoyance as Joyce would pester her by turning the TV and lights on and off. Unfortunately, the activity grew increasingly worrisome to the point that the psychic medium lamented that "now she's physically and verbally abusing me." To that end, Sparks revealed that she recently woke up one morning to discover a ball of hair, presumably her own, sitting on the floor beside her bed.

As one can imagine, this particular incident left her greatly distressed. Find out how she handled the hair-raising situation at the Coast to Coast AM website .