Huge Cross Washes Ashore in Florida

A tourist visiting Fort Lauderdale over the weekend couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted a massive cross wash ashore onto the beach in front of him. Greg Gay told a local TV station that the experience was "really heavenly" and he marveled that "had we been 10 minutes before or 10 minutes later, we wouldn't have seen it." The giant wooden cross was covered in barnacles and appears to have been out at sea for quite some time.

As to where the divine debris may have come from, local residents are uncertain, but have suggested either Puerto Rico or the Florida Keys as possible points of origin. Beyond that, however, the owner of the beach resort where the cross was found offered a rather eerie tale which may be connected to the spiritual symbol. According to Frank Talerico, his sister had actually come to the hotel that day to pray because she had a bad dream and, shortly thereafter, the cross appeared on the beach.

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