Website Showcases Oak Island Finds

A Canadian man who owns a parcel of land on Nova Scotia's famed Oak Island has launched a new website which showcases the various artifacts that he has found on his property. The fairly small island has become world famous thanks to speculation that it contains a hidden treasure. Currently the subject of a hit TV series, Oak Island has yet to yield any riches despite being subjected to countless treasure hunting attempts by various groups.

Back in 1996, a man named Robert Young was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a piece of land on the island with the intention of pursuing the purported horde that some believe could have been hidden there by the Knights Templar. Armed with a treasure hunting license from the Canadian government, he spent ten years scouring his spot on Oak Island looking for the lost loot. Young subsequently ended his hunt about ten years ago when renewing the paperwork would have subjected the property to possibly deleterious new regulations.

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