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The sounds of Sasquatch, Dorothy Kilgallen's curious demise, and the  Apollo mission which gave us the legendary 'Earthrise' image were among  the fascinating topics explored on Coast to Coast AM this past week. And  here at the C2C website, we likely closed the book on a pair of  mysteries, discovered the truth about a 'creature carcass' that had  everyone guessing earlier this year, and learned about a woman tormented  by a truly creepy recording. Check out our round-up of C2C highlights  from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

The mysterious death of renowned reporter Dorothy Kilgallen back in 1965  has long raised the eyebrows of conspiracy theorists and the case has  seen renewed attention in recent years thanks to the work of  investigative journalist Mark Shaw. He returned to the program on Wednesday night to provide an update on his work looking into the strangeness  surrounding Kilgallen's passing. Shaw asserted that she did not die due  to barbiturates and he suggested that the forces behind JFK's  assassination may have also had a hand in her death.

The short-lived mystery of the sudden evacuation and closure of the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico seemingly came to a close this week when the facility reopened. The organization that runs the site also  released a statement saying that the odd incident involved a "criminal  investigation" of the human variety and not anything involving aliens.  Another mystery may have also been solved across the Atlantic as  authorities in England announced that the suspected 'Croydon Cat  Killer,' believed to be responsible for hundred of felines deaths over  the last three years, was probably just a fox.

You can read our full wrap up of the week at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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