Odd UFO Photographed by Teacher in Texas

An intriguing photo of a potential UFO has been shared online by an  elementary school teacher who had kept it hidden for years because he  was afraid of being ridiculed. According to a local media report,  Marcelino Castillo says that the strange sighting occurred two years  ago while he was en route to Mexico. Around thirty miles from the  border, he was admiring the sunset and noticed a rectangular glowing  object in the sky. Although he initially dismissed the anomaly as merely  a plane, Castillo was amazed when he examined the image later,  marveling that "I zoomed in and it was incredible."

What makes his story particularly thought-provoking is that, unlike so  many other UFO witnesses, Castillo wanted no part of any publicity  surrounding the image. Fearing that people would call him crazy, he did  not post the image online nor show it to anyone. After a few years of  mulling over the strange moment when he may have spotted a UFO, Castillo  finally decided to reveal the photo, hoping that his job as an educator  would add some credibility to the case. 

More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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