In Coast You Missed It 8/17/18

This past week Coast to Coast AM explored the history of serial killers,  learned about a man who predicts crop circles, and found out the latest  on a lawsuit in Canada aimed at proving the existence of Sasquatch. And  here at the C2C website, we told you about two very strange sightings  made by motorists, a UFO in North Carolina that wound up being debunked  after going viral, and a truly creepy 911 call received by a police  department in Colorado. Check out these highlights from the past week  ... In Coast You Missed It.

The iconic crop circle phenomenon was examined from a remarkable new angle on Saturday night's edition of Coast to Coast AM as filmmaker William Gazecki talked about his work  documenting a Dutch medium who can somehow predict when the formations  will form. Purportedly the only person in the world with this unique  ability, Gazecki theorized that psychic has some kind of connection with  the supernatural forces responsible for the formations as he has been  able to foresee a whopping 100 crop circles which have subsequently come  to fruition.

One of the weirder sagas of this past week was that of a viral video of a UFO hovering over a lake in North Carolina. For some strange reason, the  months-old footage captured people's imagination early in the week and  spread like wildfire online. However, as we suspected in our initial  report, the 'UFO' was quickly deflated once Goodyear heard about the story and realized that, yes, the 'flying  saucer' was actually one of their trademark blimps that had been in the  area for a racing event. 

Dig in to more of our weekly C2C wrap up at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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