Eerie Cattle Mutilations Reported in Argentina

A farmer in Argentina lost seven cows under mysterious circumstances  which appear to be connected to the cattle mutilation phenomenon.  According to a report out of the country, the strangeness occurred in the town of Colonia  Duran to a resident named Norberto Bieri, who was aghast when he  discovered a grisly scene that had seemingly unfolded overnight on his  property. And, to those familiar with the cattle mutilation phenomenon,  the condition of his downed cows will sound eerily familiar.

Duran described the dead animals as having had their tongues and  genitals removed with precise cuts that looked like they had been done  with a laser. The flesh around the animals' jaws had also been removed  during the mysterious mutilation, yet there was no blood to be found  anywhere near the downed cows. Additionally, in another similarity to  the infamous phenomenon which has had paranormal researchers and  conspiracy theorists guessing for years, scavengers refused to go near  the dead animals and their bodies attracted no flies.

More on this bizarre story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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