Kenyan Girl Hit with Odd Hex

The parents of a girl in Kenya say that their daughter has been cursed  by a weird form of witchcraft that has caused her to regurgitate an  array of household objects. According to local media report,  the strangeness began seven months ago when the girl inexplicably began  feeling weak and sick. Numerous trips to various doctors provided no  relief for the situation as they all deemed the child to be perfectly  healthy. The family eventually got an answer as to what was ailing the  girl, but it seems their problems were only just beginning.

"It was not until she started vomiting assorted items like neckties,  spoons and mobile phones that we realized it was witchcraft," her mother  lamented. She says objects would disappear from around the house only  to later be regurgitated by the girl to the astonishment of the family.  The bizarre behavior has caused the girl to leave school after "her exam  paper disappeared from her desk but shockingly, she later vomited them  hours later."

Find out who is believed to be behind the bewitching at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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