Flying Humanoid Caught on Film?

An odd video circulating online shows a strange object hovering in the  sky over Mexico that some have suggested could be a flying humanoid and  perhaps even a witch! The weird footage was purportedly filmed in the  Mexican state of Jalisco earlier this week and, as such bizarre videos  tend to do, subsequently appeared on YouTube shortly thereafter. Aside  from the alleged date and relatively vague location for the sighting,  little else is known about the incident.

Nonetheless, the ambiguous footage of the floating object has conjured  some fantastic theories among viewers. Chiefly among them, likely due to  the fact that it is dark and looks almost like it is wearing some kind  of cloak, is that the anomaly is actually a witch or, presumably, some  other type of black magic-practicing individual. Imaginative observers  not quite ready to go that far have simply offered up the 'more  realistic' option that the oddity is a flying humanoid, possibly of the  alien variety.

Skeptics, on the other hand, beg to differ. Find out what they think the 'flying humanoid' may have been at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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