Game Camera Spots Ghost Soldier?

A game camera located in the yard of a Maine woman's farmhouse captured  an intriguing image that may show the ghost of a soldier. According to a  local media report,  Tia Wilson wanted to catch a glimpse of a fox that had been feasting on  her chickens and so she placed the camera in her yard prior to heading  out for a weekend camping trip. Upon her return, she was astounded to  see that, among the many photos of various wildlife which had triggered  the motion-sensor camera, there was one image eerily out of place.

In the photo, taken at around 9 PM in the evening on a Saturday night,  there is an anomaly in her yard which bears an uncanny resemblance to a  person wearing a backpack. Although she first became unnerved by the  possibility that the photo showed a prowler or some other kind of  nefarious individual outside of her home, Wilson soon realized that the  photo was a whole lot weirder. That's because the camera didn't take any  other pictures of a person in her yard before or after that image,  which would be impossible based on where the camera was placed and the  position of the anomaly in the photo.

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