Crop Circle Maker Shares Secrets

An Italian engineer who garnered a bit of notoriety for crafting a  'mysterious' crop circle in 2011 has produced a new piece of work and,  this time, shared some candid details about how his latest formation was  made. Francesco Grassi, who resides near the city of Turin, caught the  attention of crop circle researchers seven years ago after he created a  remarkable circle-shaped formation in a field. At the time, he opted to  keep his authorship a secret and watched as thousands of people flocked  to the site proclaiming it to be a UFO landing spot before Grassi  eventually came forward to take responsibility for the formation.

Lest one think that he was merely a prankster looking to pull the wool  over people's eyes for his own amusement, Grassi actually penned a book  featuring his sociological observations on the craze caused by the crop  circle. And now he's providing additional insight into the phenomenon by  way of a proverbial sequel to his original formation. This time,  however, Grassi upped the ante considerably by producing a pretty  complex-looking piece and, fortunately, revealing a bit about the crop  circle creative process.

Learn what the crop circle maker revealed at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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