Man Blames Ghost for Breakup

A man in England now living the single life says that a seven-foot-tall  ghost is to blame for his girlfriend dumping him. The bizarre story of  love gone wrong, recounted in a British newspaper, befell paranormal investigator Ed Booker and  his girlfriend Donna Hall. The ghost hunter explains that it all began  after he took part in an exorcism at a home in the town of Horsham.

During his visit to the site, the team of researchers allegedly  encountered a strange, seven-foot-tall apparition which left them  chilled to the bone. "This figure came up in the middle of us. I can  only describe it as a circus ringmaster, dressed all in black with a big  top hat," he recalled. Following that nightmarish moment, Booker  claims, the spirit has seemingly stuck to him. "This ghost is ruining my  life," he lamented about the impact the clingy Casper has caused. 

Find out how the ghost's torment culminated with Booker's girlfriend calling it quits at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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