Flat Earthers and Skeptics Face Off

A gathering of skeptics and Flat Earth enthusiasts came together in  California over the weekend for a summit that may rival Donald Trump  meeting Kim Jong-Un when it comes to sheer strangeness. The curious  confab came together after James Underdown, who leads a skeptical group  based out of Los Angeles, announced plans to demonstrate that the planet  is round via a series of experiments at the Salton Sea. He told a local TV station that, after seeing the stunning rise in popularity online for the Flat  Earth, he felt compelled to debunk the idea and "decided to sort of  address this in person" rather than through blog posts or YouTube  videos.

Word of the event made its way to the ever-vigilant Flat Earth research community and led to a little over two dozen passionate advocates for the idea  showing up at Underwood's undertaking. As the conspiracy theorists  looked on, the skeptic showed, by way of a boat sailing on the sea, that  the curvature of the Earth can been seen by how stripes on the ship  slowly disappeared from view. However, the classic example often used by  critics did little to convince the Flat Earth fans in attendance.

More on this remarkable event which saw worlds, both round and flat, collide at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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