In Coast You Missed It 6/8/18

From the icy world of Pluto to the mysterious annual meeting of the  Bilderberg group as well as breakthrough discoveries on Mars and the  always-creepy Black Eyed Children, Coast to Coast covered a vast array  of topics this past week both on the program and here at the C2C  website. Check out our highlight reel of some of the most memorable  stories and shows of the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

An unnerving paranormal phenomenon that has received considerable  attention in recent years is that of what can best be described as 'sinister entities'  like the now-infamous Black Eyed Children as well as both Men and Women  in Black. On Monday night's program, Fortean researcher Nick Redfern  detailed his research into these odd 'beings.' He shared some truly  baffling and hair-raising tales from people who have encountered these  phenomena and mused about how many suspect that these various entities  are most certainly not merely human beings attempting to pull off some  kind of strange ruse.

Within the world of flesh and blood people, a somewhat similar worrisome  group was in the news again this week as the notorious Bilderberg  Meetings are currently underway. Although the infamous gathering of  global power brokers is incredibly secretive, thanks to a release of their 2018 agenda,  we at least know what will be discussed at this year's conspiracy  theory-conjuring confab. Among the issues on the table for 2018 are  artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and an intriguing topic  simply titled 'the future of work.'

Check out the rest of our weekly recap at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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