Odd UFO Filmed Near RAF Base

A teenager in England captured some curious footage of a rather odd UFO  in the sky near a British air base. The intriguing video was taken by a  young man named Lucal Budel, who told a newspaper in England that he had been sitting at his computer when suddenly a  bright flash in the sky caught his attention. Although he initially  thought the anomaly had been a meteor entering the atmosphere, when he  looked closer and began watching it, he was amazed to see it was not  descending, but seemingly performing complex maneuvers.

Fortunately, Budel thought to grab his cell phone and film the strange  scene which features what appears to be a glowing craft, perhaps  illuminated by the reflection of the sun. At various times during its  flight, the UFO appears to be producing some kind of trail that quickly  dissipates after a few seconds. "The best way to describe it was like an  electrical cloud moving in alternating directions continuously," Budel  said of the strange show that unfolded outside of his window.

Find out more on this strange story and see Budel's video at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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