In Coast You Missed It 5/25/18

From the lost treasure of Montezuma and the unnerving world of  underground human organ trade to Nessie being hunted by DNA-seekers and  an infamous conspiracy theory seemingly being pronounced dead, it was  another whirlwind week of weird here at Coast to Coast AM. Before you  head on for the long holiday weekend, check out our proverbial potato  salad of strangeness that we like to call ... In Coast You Missed It.

Although often relegated to the realm of urban legend, the underground market for human organs is an unsettling and all-too-real world of trade. On Saturday night's  program, investigative journalist Scott Carney shared chilling insights  into body part trafficking, including jaw-dropping stories of skeletons  being procured by horrific means and exported by the thousands from the  Indian city of Calcutta. The nightmare-inducing accounts are almost  enough to give a second thought to those old tales of tourists waking up  in a bathtub without their kidney.

This past week was a particularly newsworthy one for the iconic creature  known as the Loch Ness Monster as Nessie popped up in a pair of  stories. First, a schoolgirl visiting the legendary site with her  grandmother managed to film something inexplicably shiny seemingly surfacing on the water. We're still not quite sure what they  spotted, but it's undoubtedly strange. Meanwhile, on the scientific  front, the long-awaited environment DNA project aimed at cataloging all of the species in Loch Ness is finally set to  begin and just may solve the mystery of Nessie once and for all.

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