Police Station CCTV Films Ghost?

A puzzling piece of security camera footage from a police station in  Serbia left officers scratching their heads as it appears to show some  kind of apparition floating between jail cells. According to a local news story,  the weird incident occurred in the town of Trstenik, where cops caught a  glimpse of the eerie anomaly on their CCTV monitor. Left awestruck by  the strange sight, the bewildered lawmen reportedly watched the video  numerous times in an attempt to determine what had appeared in the  footage.

Unable to solve the mystery themselves, they subsequently enlisted the  help of their fellow officers, showing the video to nearly the entire  Trstenik police force the next day. Alas, no one could offer a plausible  explanation for the perceived figure in the footage. As such, the  overwhelming and unsettling conclusion among the cops was that the  oddity was a ghost.

Check out the creepy footage for yourself at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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