New Scan of Tut's Tomb Finds No Hidden Chambers

Hopes that there were hidden chambers to be found in King Tut's tomb  appear to have been dashed after a third radar scan of the site found no  such rooms.

The possibility that there were a pair of heretofore unknown chambers at  the tomb created worldwide headlines when they were first announced as  being spotted via ground-penetrating radar in 2015.

This sparked something of a strange saga as two different Egyptian  officials confirmed the find and teased that the newly-discovered  chambers were "full of treasures" and might even be the final resting place of Queen Nefertiti. 

As the world waited to see how the investigation would proceed, the  discovery was subsequently called into question when a second scan of  the site failed to produce the same results.

The conflicting studies sparked spirited debate among Egyptologists as both sides of the hidden chamber argument  accused their counterparts of unscrupulous tactics and media  sensationalism.

It would seem, however, that the issue has been settled once and for all  thanks to a third scan that was commissioned by the Egyptian government  earlier this year.

Learn the details of this latest scan which seemed to settle the debate at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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