Evidence Against Witch Doctor Vanishes

An accused witch doctor in Nairobi may find a way to beat the charges  after evidence of his alleged sorcery mysteriously disappeared from a  police station.

Omar Mboni was taken into custody by authorities over the weekend in the  village of Mkomba after performing a ritual at the home of a suspected  witch.

In his possession were a human skull and a turtle shell which were, no  doubt, to be used as proof that the purported witch doctor was up to no  good.

However, when authorities got ready to head to court on Monday for  Mboni's arraignment, they were stunned to discover that the evidence had  vanished.

The disappearance of the skull and shell were not enough to fully free  the man from his predicament as police are now investigating how the  objects could have gone missing.

While one wishes that the witch doctor performed the feat himself by way  of some kind of magical incantation, circumstances surrounding the  alleged sorcery suggest that the caper could be an inside job.

More on this strange story, including who may have tried to save the witch doctor, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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