Scientists Doubt ISS 'Alien Bacteria' Claims

Claims by a Russian cosmonaut that 'alien' bacteria was recovered from  the outside of the International Space Station are being called into  question by scientists.

Anton Shkaplerov made news earlier this week when he told the Russian news agency TASS that samples obtained from the exterior surface of the ISS revealed something truly startling.

"It turns out that somehow these swabs reveal bacteria that were absent  during the launch of the ISS module," he marveled, "that is, they have  come from outer space."

This revelation caught the attention of imaginative minds who were quick  to declare the cosmonaut's quote as an indication that alien life, at  long last, may have been found.

However, now that the proverbial space dust has begun to settle, skeptical scientists have stepped forward to say 'not so fast.'

Find out why the 'alien' bacteria probably came from Earth and not somewhere in the cosmos at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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