DNA Study Debunks the Yeti?

A study of purported Yeti samples from the Himalayas indicates that the  legendary creature may be, rather than something abominable, merely just  a bear.

The remarkable findings arrive by way of a newly-published scientific  paper which details how a team of biologists examined mitochondrial DNA  extracted from nine different specimens said to have come from the  cryptid.

Among the 'pieces' of Yeti that provided the genetic information were hair samples, a tooth, a bone, and some scat.

When researchers looked at that mtDNA, they found that an overwhelming  eight out of the nine samples were revealed to have actually come from  different species of bears that roam the Himalayas.

Sadly for those holding out hope that the one 'anomalous' specimen wound  wind up being the Abominable Snowman himself, that outlier was just  something that had come from a dog.

More on this fascinating story, including why it doesn't necessarily spell the end of Yeti, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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