Russian Tiger Returns for Revenge?

In a strange story out of Siberia that sounds like the plot to a horror  film, a wild tiger that once tormented a city has returned to the site  one year later after traveling hundreds of miles across the country!

The weirdness began back in October of 2016 when a monstrous Siberian  tiger was spotted roaming the streets of Vladivostok both during the day  and night.

Although they called the creature 'Vladik' in honor of the city's name,  residents were not particularly fond of the ferocious feline visitor and  remained inside their homes for fear of encountering the beast.

The panic was so profound and the danger so real that Russian  authorities were eventually forced to intervene, tracking down Vladik by  way of a remarkably robust search using drones and other advanced  equipment.

Despite capturing the beast and transporting him hundreds of miles away, the showdown was merely a prelude to Vladik's triumphant return to the city.

Find out the rest of this bizarre story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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