Shag Harbour UFO Incident Turns 50

October 4th marks the 50th anniversary of the intriguing UFO case that  has come to be known as Canada's Roswell: the legendary Shag Harbour  Incident.

The perplexing event featured a large glowing object descend into the  depths of Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia and then clearly lurk beneath the  surface to the amazement of investigators arriving on the scene. 

The mysterious object then seemingly vanished despite attempts to find  it by divers from the Canadian Navy and then apparently reemerged one  week later from the waters as it flew away. 

Over the years, rumors have abounded that the divers may have seen more  than the public was told and some stories even suggest that they  witnessed ETs working on the downed craft in an attempt to repair it. 

Learn more about this landmark case that many UFO researchers say is one of the best-documented incidents involving the phenomenon ever to take place at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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