Could This Capsule Be the Rendlesham 'UFO'?

A UFO researcher in the UK has put forward an intriguing theory to  explain the infamous incident in Rendlesham Forest which has come to be  known as 'Britain's Roswell.'

The now-legendary case, which purportedly spanned three nights in  December of 1980, has baffled students of the phenomenon for nearly four  decades, but a UFO researcher in the UK believes he may have solved the mystery.

Presenting his findings at a conference over the weekend, Russ Callaghan  argued that the purported 'alien' craft seen in the forests of England  was, in fact, of terrestrial origin.

The basis of his argument is that the 'UFO' came from the United State  Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron which was stationed at the nearby  air base at the time and used a capsule eerily similar to the craft allegedly spotted by witnesses.

More on this potential breakthrough turn of events at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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