Dog Reunited With Owner After Missing For 2 Years

Man's hands holding paws of a young puppy

Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

Payday had been missing for about two years when the owner, Dwight, saw his pup on a news segment.

In a stroke of luck, Dwight, who doesn't normally sleep with the TV on, decided to keep it on one night and noticed the segment highlighting his dog Payday.

After recovering the dog from the Wisconsin Humane Society, the organization posted: "Payday was originally brought home as a companion for Dwight’s now 12-year-old daughter, who was still distraught over the incredible loss of her best friend. Dwight’s mom, Melissa, came to pick up the beloved pup and — as you can see — it was the most incredible reunion! We are beyond ecstatic for this amazing family to finally be whole again."

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