Premature Baby Becomes Prodigy At 3, Joins Mensa

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Here's today's feel-good story:

Lawson Lundberg was born prematurely in a hospital in Portland, Oregon 3 years ago. He was expected to have significant delays in cognitive development.

For the first two years of Lawson's life, Lawson's mom didn't hear him speak a word. Then she noticed a change.

“He seemed leaps-and-bounds ahead, learning shapes without us having to teach him, learning words we don’t even remember saying around him. Earlier this year, during the ice storm, we were without power for a few days and during that time he learned the names of countries and their capitals. It was then that we figured out he had somehow learned phonics on his own, which blew us away.”

At 3 years old, Lawson now knows every flag, capital, and country in the world. His IQ is a whopping 151 after getting tested and has joined the national intelligence organization of Mensa. Lawson is among the group's youngest members.

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