Ohio Pizzeria Owner Gives Full Day Of Sales To Employees To Show Gratitude

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Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

Findlay, Ohio pizzeria Heavenly Pizza owner Josh Elchert held an Employee Appreciation Day on July 5th to honor those that work hard for him.

Instead of telling his employees how much they mean to him, he took the entire day of sales and gave it to those that worked that day.

After the community found out, there were orders galore and the restaurant made $6,300 in sales and $1,200 in tips!

"Well, you guys are awesome!!!! Thanks to all of you, our employees had a huge day!!!" Josh wrote. "Better than I had hoped !!!!"

Josh later told the local TV station "You can have the best pizza in the world, if you have no one here to make it, it doesn't matter."

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