Woman Who Was Blind For 15 Years Now Has 20/20 Vision To See Grandchildren

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Here's today's feel-good story:

A woman who was blind for 15 years has finally regained her ability to see after a life-changing operation.

59-year-old Connie had glaucoma according to doctors and rapidly began losing her eyesight over a decade ago. But an ophthalmologist in 2018 told her that she had cataracts, one of the most common and treatable issues with vision in adults.

Connie was told her vision issue would be inoperable, yet she still partook in activities that she enjoyed.

“I was so happy to be in the nosebleeds screaming my lungs out and not seeing anything,” she said. “I just lived life as much as I possibly could the way I did before I lost my sight.”

Then 3 years ago, her right eye was operated on and it changed her life.

“When they took my patch off the next day the first thing I saw was the nurse’s eyebrow, eyelashes, and pupil and I started crying,” Connie said. “She had me read an eye chart and the first line I read was 20/20. I had the second eye done and right after Thanksgiving, I was seeing 20/20 out of both eyes.”

Now, Connie's guide dog Talulah Mae acts as a regular, and much loved dog!

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