Dog Lost For Almost 300 Days After Vacation Is Found Thanks To Social Media

Spring season concept with dog holding leash in mouth inviting to go for walk outdoor

Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

The Battista family was on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland when their two-year-old terrier Fisher went missing in July of 2020.

The family immediately started putting up posters and social media posts to try and find him.

After extending their stay and hiring a tracker to try and find Fisher, as well as starting a #FindFisher Facebook page, the family returned home to New York without their pup.

Almost a year later, in April of 2021, Baltimore City resident Wayne Horn was performing maintenance on his motorcycle when he noticed a stray dog in the road.

“I called him over because cars speed up and down my road,” Horn said. “He came over to me, so we gave him water. He laid down and was content, he didn’t want to leave.”

Horn posted a picture of the dog to his Facebook, and one of his friends pointed out "That's Fisher!"

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