Teacher Visits Their Student With Leukemia At Home Every Day To Help Study

Here's today's feel-good story:

Veteran teacher, Barb Heim's workday is not over until she makes the 20-minute trip from school to a student who is in the fight of their life.

Heim has worked for 35 years as a first-grade teacher at Conneaut Valley Elementary School in Conneautville, PA. She goes the extra mile to help Harrison Conner keep a good attitude and help with his learning as he battles leukemia.

Due to his current health condition, Harrison has remained in remote schooling while his classmates returned to in-person learning.

"It was a joy, because I knew he wanted to learn," Heim said. "He couldn't wait. He was so excited. And he'd have his off days if medicine was causing him to not feel up to it. It wasn't the best day for him, but we made it through. And he always did his best."

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