Teenager Collects And Donates 30,000 Pairs Of Shoes To LA Homeless

Here's today's feel-good story:

Teens of the Jewish faith celebrate the passage of adulthood at age 13. For Lindsay Sobel, she realized in the months leading up to her Bat Mitzvah that a life of privilege is not something that everyone has, and wanted to do something about it.

Lindsay began to collect footwear for the homeless in her city, determined to aid in the day-to-day hurdles that the population faced.

“I noticed a lot of them were in really awful living conditions, no way any person should have to live. On top of that, I noticed a lot of them did not even have shoes on,” she said in an interview with A Mighty Girl. “At 12 years old, I was like, ‘Wow, people don’t have shoes?’ It kind of put things into perspective for me.”

Lindsay launched Shoes For Souls to collect and distribute shoes to those that need them.

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