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According to Reddit, These Are the Advantages of Being Single

A user posted in the popular "askreddit" forum, "What are the advantages of being single?" Here are the top upvoted responses"

Chubby_Tux: "No drama and freedom to do what you want to do without constant compromises."

needtofreemyself: "You can do whatever you want without having to think off another person."

slimpickings_: "Sometimes I get lonely, but then my friends who are in relationships tell me about their complications with their partners and I'm reminded of how much mental and emotional labor it takes to maintain a relationship. I'm all set with that for right now."

Empty-Masterpiece242: "Don't have to constantly convince your adult partner to adult."

mrjerimia2: "You can grow to love and appreciate yourself more, being single for a long period of time helps you leave those that are toxic to you. Going from relationship to relationship makes it harder for you to gain the confidence to leave someone that's doing you wrong if you don't have another person to bounce to."

GreenEyedCat72: "Relationships are hard work. I like an easy life."

Back2Bach: "Uninterrupted quiet when you wish to be alone."

The majority of the comments seemed to circle around freedom, money, and not having to deal with the emotional and mental labour of a relationship; though I think mrjerimia2 had the best insight. Being single allows you to learn more about yourself and to gain a sense of self, self love, and confidence that can build you up to keep you away from toxic situations.

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