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Stay Up To Date With These Latest Summer Trends

Dark Weddings

While dark academia fashion trends started earlier this winter, according to Pinterest dark weddings are now on trend for summer 2022. Black wedding dresses, gothic brides and grooms, gothic decor are in for this wedding season. Pinterest reports a specific uptick in searches for the terms "dark wedding ideas", "black boho wedding dress", "sage green and black wedding dress", and "black glam nails."

Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

Originating on Tik Tok, this trend is on the rise for summer vibes. Both practical and trendy, the staples of this fashion are wide brim hats, loose fitting button downs, neutrals, cozy sweaters, and comfy shoes. This trend will keep you cute and comfortable all summer long.

Copper Hair

While Pam Anderson Blonde has reigned supreme for summer fashion trends, 2022 is mixing it up and giving Copper Hair a try. Many Instagram and TikTok influencers are already rocking the new hue and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the fashion world catches up to this summer trend.

Gay Man Dancing Wildly on Colorful Background

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LGBTQ+ Rom Coms

I'm not sure that "trend" is the right word for this, it's more of a revival. LGBTQ+ romcoms are making a big comeback and streaming services are ready to put their money where this buzz is.

Travel photographer equipment with beautiful landscape

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GOAT Traveling

Much to my dismay, this trend is not traveling to see cute goats around the world. It's actually just an acronym, Greatest Of All Trips. Expedia has found that post-coved travelers are ready to do it big and spend it all on top tier destinations and experiences this summer.

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