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Does Your Boss Think You're Immature? Try Avoiding These Phrases.


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Despite your work ethic and college degree, you may be coming off as immature to your boss or coworkers. Office culture has its own linguistic expectations that you just might not be meeting. The words we use set a precedent for how others perceive us as both people and as workers. Here are some words and phrases to avoid.

Filler Words: "Like, you know, umm" while we all use these words, over-use of these words can come off as inarticulate or even incompetent.

Business Jargon: Corporate jargon such as "synergy" or "core competency" can be necessary at times, but over-use of words like this can come off as overcompensation for a lack of comprehension on the topics being discussed.

Hedging Words: "Kind of, sort of, I guess, just" are often used to avoid coming off as bossy or wanting to seem more approachable. That said, they often come off as distracting, lacking in clarity or certainty. Skip the hedging words and be direct and confident. You're not "just checking in" you're "checking in."

Whatever: This one should probably be self explanatory, but if it's not just know it comes off as "teenager."

Dude, Bro, Man: Talking to your friends these words aren't problem. In an office setting, they can come off as much too casual.

Referring to women as 'girls' or groups of people as 'guys': If they're over 18, they're not girls they're women. If it's a group of more than one gender, "you guys" sounds outdated. A simple, "everyone" will suffice.

Profanity/That Sucks: These ones absolutely ARE self explanatory.

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