Hey Everyone. Its BMan and I'm now on the T-Mobile Network and I'm Loving it!

It’s Black History Month, and that means having necessary conversations about the unsung role Black Americans have played in building this country. These topics and stories have typically been relegated to historical footnotes, but they are vital to avoiding the missteps of the past and improving our future. T-Mobile’s on record saying, “Black History is American History,” and they believe that together, we’re unstoppable. But in order to be together, we first have to acknowledge all the ways that Black Americans have written and continue to write the American story. T-Mobile calls it their “Unstoppable Together” ethos. From past to present, T-Mobile’s educating themselves and others, on the outsized impact Black Americans have had on the culture, and they’re also turning inwards to celebrate their employees from the Black community. But it’s not just talk. T-Mobile’s also making financial commitments, such as creating scholarships for students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. There’s still lots of work to do, but T-Mobile believes building an inclusive, justice-oriented culture is the only way forward. Visit T-Mobile dot com slash Black history to learn more or join the conversation using hashtag unstoppable together.

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