A&G EXCLUSIVE: Franken an "intimidating stalker"


Long time Bay Area radio personality, Melanie Morgan, says she’s more than willing to testify to Congress about her run-in with the Minnesota Senator Al Franken.  

Speaking exclusively to Armstrong & Getty, Morgan says that after she appeared on Bill Maher’s old show, “Politically Incorrect”, Franken followed her out to her car as she left the studio.

Then, she discovered that Franken had her phone number.

Says Morgan, “He started calling me, stalking me, harassing me, it really scared the living hell out of me”. 

Finally though, Morgan demanded, if you don’t leave me alone and stop calling me, I’m going to make an official police report.”

Following the ultimatum, Franken stopped calling.    

The original Franken accuser, Leeann Tweeden, posted a photo showing Franken with his hands over her clothed breasts while she slept on a flight during a USO tour in 2006.

Tweeden also talked about an unexpected kiss franken laid on her while rehearsing a skit for the USO  during that tour.

Tweeden says she accepted Franken’s apology, but it’s up to voters to decide whether he should stay in office.  

Melanie Morgan can be found via online:  

Mediaequalizer.com  and Moveamericaforward.org

Melanie is heavily involved with the "Stop the Scalpings" group, which can found on Facebook.

Her twitter handle, @melmorgan1350

Melanie Morgan Interview

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